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Bitumen for every application

Jampur is a large exporter of bitumen products and delivers various types of packing depending on your requirement.


We deliver high-quality oxidized bitumen, cutback bitumens, penetration, modified polymer, and emulsions in all grades.

Building roads that last

Asphalt surfaces can be tailor-made to support the traffic load and climatic conditions of any location. 

Asphalt roads can be constructed very quickly, and because asphalt effectively needs no “cure” time, motorists can use a new road soon after placement. Because of the way asphalt roads are built, they can be easily removed and resurfaced almost immediately.


This is can only be achieved by using the correct quality of Bitumen for general road maintenance, filling in potholes, and even more so for major trunk roads. Safe and smooth roads, with minimum delays.

From leading producers

Residues from the distillation of meticulously selected crude oils provide the base materials for bitumen production. Bitumen refining separates the lighter fractions from the residues.


Several manufacturing methods are used to produce specification bitumen depending on the crude source and processing capabilities available.


Often a combination of processes is selected. The illustration shows a compilation of the main refinery processes employed.

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