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Organic Charcoal

Forests are cut down at an alarming pace across the world, partially to provide firewood for fuel. Cutting trees leads to soil erosion, flooding, loss of animal life, and deteriorating air quality.

Jampur Group has industrialized a process to produce eco-friendly charcoal manufactured from agricultural waste while maintaining consistent quality and high volume. This product creates zero CO2 emissions and requires no trees to be cut down.

Our Factory

Our first up and running an industrial charcoal factory is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Here we have both an R&D center, a training facility, and a production factory.


We are expanding our operations throughout Africa where we see a large need for affordable and environmentally clean fuel to replace firewood.


As in all our projects, we hire and train our employees from the local population to run and operate our facilities. 


Agricultural Waste

We produce organic charcoal from regular agricultural waste. This includes stems and leaves from cotton, sugar cane, corn, wheat, and rice. 

Material is collected, chopped, and dried before turning it into valuable charcoal.

How it Works

When the organic waste reaches our production facility, it is processed through an industrial woodchopper and shifted to a drying area. The dried material is converted in ovens into carbonized charcoal lumps. The lumps are ground down into a charcoal powder and mixed with organic starch made from corn flour.


The mixed material is fed into the briquetting machine to make the charcoal briquettes. These briquettes are dried and packaged.

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Our Product

Finished charcoal briquettes are packaged in easy-to-use boxes and bags of 2.5, 5, 10, and 15 Kg.

With just a spark, the easily ignited Black Gold Charcoal Briquettes are producing an even and long-lasting fire.

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