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Transport, Agriculture, Aviation, and Mining require reliable equipment. We supply both new and pre-owned equipment with full support, training, and ongoing supply of spare parts.

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We deliver any kind of transport equipment such as buses and trucks exactly to your specifications. In addition, we take care of a continuous supply of spare parts and training of your technicians and operators.


To increase agricultural output, mechanization is key. Jampur delivers equipment adapted to the local conditions. Combined with the products such as fertilizer, pesticide, and seeds that Jampur Trading can procure, we bring a complete solution to raise output immediately.

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Mining and Construction

Heavy-duty equipment that enables you to mine more efficiently, build roads faster or construct homes quicker. Turn to Jampur for delivering the best solution.



Jampur is specialized in fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Whether it is a private jet, an inspection helicopter or commercial aircraft, we will find the best aircraft for your requirement and within your budget.


Port and Airport Equipment

Ports and airports require reliable and efficient equipment. We deliver apron buses, baggage transport solutions, fire fighting equipment, ambulances, stairs, and more.

For Ports, we supply dredgers, pilot boats, fire fighting ships, patrol vessels, and cranes.

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