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Fire Fighting Trucks from UAE

Jampur delivers state-of-the-art Fire Fighting Equipment for municipalities, industry, and airports. All our trucks are made according to customer specifications and designed for use in Africa.

Of course, training in operations and maintenance and reliable supply of spare parts are part of the offered solutions.

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Airport Crash Tenders

Designed to accelerate to a top speed of more than 145 km/h and carry 12,000 liters of water, our crash tenders guarantee safety at major airports in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Equipment exceeds the highest global standards for international airports.

Build to the exact requirement for payload, automation, and performance. 

Rapid Intervention Vehicle

To fight fire in congested urban cities, our Rapid Intervention Vehicles are the ideal solution. Fast, agile, and equipped to handle every first response requirement.

A Rapid Intervention Vehicle can reach places a normal fire truck can't and can be first at the location of a fire.



Our ambulances are equipped to save lives and reach hospitals fast and safely.

Depending on the requirement, the ambulances can be fitted out with all life-saving equipment.

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