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3D Primary Surveillance Radar

Jampur Group is proud of our Security Division, which helps to ensure not only the safety of our customers, but also the populations they protect.

We supply, install and operate Primary Surveillance Radars that are capable of securing both airways and ground control. Our radars can detect non-transmitting aircraft positioning in extreme weather conditions, ground clutter, and other intentional interferences. The 3D PSRs we provide can also detect unexpected weather conditions, which aids in air traffic control management.

The Radar has the capability to be operated locally, or remotely. Meaning, the system can either be a complete command control with a communications center, or still operate practically unattended. 


Some of the key features that are highlighted in the 3D PSR include: 

  • High bandwidth frequency agility

  • digital generation of waveforms (capturing intrapulse frequency diversity) 

  • Full Self-Diagnosis Capability (BIT)

  • Optional radome

  • Three-phase main line power supply and back up diesel generator 

  • Ground to air communication system

  • Integrated secondary interrogator 

  • Tracking of up to 600 simultaneous targets

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