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Reliable Power is one of the most important factors for economic growth and prosperity.


At Jampur we supply, construct, and operate power solutions ranging from individual generators to large power plants that power a whole community.

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Central power

We supply and operate complete power plants in the range of 10 to 100 MW. One of our key strengths is the relocation of plants from Europe and Asia. These power plants are a faster and economical alternative to new plants.

We keep a continuous stock of available equipment ready for deployment.


Captive power

We supply and operate reliable generators that bring immediate power to areas not served or to industrial areas such as mines, airports, ports, and industrial zones.


Jampur operates the generators with a team of experienced engineers that ensure maximum availability.


Renewable power

Solar and Wind have become viable power alternatives to fossil fuels. We develop and build wind turbines and solar plants where possible.

Hybrid solutions are often the best of both worlds. Combining efficient generators with solar reduces fuel consumption significantly.

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