Solar Solutions for Africa

Solar energy is free and abundantly available in Africa. We deliver a range of solutions from small rural lighting kits, powerful street lights for cities to hybrid power generation to save fuel. 

We develop complete solutions for governments to roll out sustainable projects with installation and product support and often with flexible financing.

Our vision is for everyone to have the security of owning their own alternative energy system for their entire home, village, or city and cover all energy needs.


Solar home all in one kits

Our all-in-one home kits combine a solar panel, battery, controller, and 3 high-power lights in a complete set.

each kit provides all the lighting needs for a small house, allowing families to study, work and entertain throughout the evening and night. It even charges mobile phones.

We are experienced in supplying large quantities that really make an impact on people's lives.

Off - Grid Solar Solutions

Complete off-grid always on solar systems for larger homes and offices. Up to 8 kW of power with large energy storage to continue supply at night to appliances, lighting, and computers.


 Our solutions combine grid power, solar, wind, and energy storage into one comprehensive package.

The system switches automatically without interruption to the most efficient energy source.

solar home kit thumb.jpg

Solar Street Lights

The technology of modern solar street lights has improved over the years to a level where it can completely replace conventional street lights.

We supply a comprehensive range of solar street lights, such as All-In-Two Solar Street Lights, All-In-One Solar Street Lights, Solar Pole Lights, and more.

We work with the largest solar street light vertical manufacturer in the world and have successfully delivered and implemented projects in Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the Middle East.

Hybrid Power Generation

Conventional power generation still relies on Diesel and HFO generators for power grids and industrial applications.

By adding a solar installation to a generator or power plant, fuel consumption can be greatly reduced during the day, saving significant costs.

An intelligent control system monitors and controls the different sources of energy and ensures an uninterrupted power supply.