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A deep understanding of commodities and markets is the basis for our trading activities.

From our trading desks in Singapore, London and Geneva we source a wide variety of commodities.

Whether you are looking to buy agricultural products from Africa, minerals, or petroleum products, Jampur delivers.

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Petrochemical products

Jampur moves about 500,000 MT of LPG per year with its existing fleet and operations. Our expansion plan will see our volume grow to 1 million MT.

Our market coverage includes Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.

Agricultural products

We buy and sell rice, cooking oil, corn, vanilla, nuts, cocoa, gum arabic, and many other commodities.

To increase agricultural production we deliver fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds in return.

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Precious metals

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other precious metals are bought in raw and refined form. We bring buyers and sellers together and often trade for our own accounts.

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