Transformers in any class

We have a long experience with power transformers through our own power projects. But we also supply and install transformers of any size for clients around Africa.


We work with leading manufacturers from Asia, Middle East, and Europe to source the best quality at the right price. 

We install transformers and advise on correct maintenance and service.

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Power Transformers

A power transformer is a critical part of an electricity distribution network. Designed to be maximum efficient at high loads with power in excess of 200 MVA and extremely high voltages.

Power transformers are sourced specifically for a project with sometimes long lead times. However, Jampur is often able to deliver (replacement) power transformers in a fraction of the time.

Our power transformers exceed all standards and specifications. and can be made to exact requirements.

Distribution transformers

Distribution transformers step down the voltage to the consumer level of 400 Volt and can be pole-mounted or freestanding.


We supply thousands of 75 kVA, 300 kVA, and 500 kVA transformers per year to all major markets in Africa. In some countries, we also keep stock for our clients to ensure the shortest possible delivery time. 


Prepaid electricity meters

Distribution companies are switching to prepaid meters on a massive scale. We supply single and 3 phase power meters with remote monitoring and are easy to use.

We have a large experience in supplying large projects as we supply around 500,000 meters per year to our clients in Africa.

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