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Public transport for Africa

Public transport is a key service to enable people to go to markets, work or school. Jampur delivers a wide range of suitable buses that are built for the harsh reality of African roads, are easy to maintain, and prove the highest reliability.

When we supply buses, we also make sure the supply of sufficient spare parts and proper training of technicians and drivers are in place.

We represent leading brands from Europe, India, and China so we always have equipment available perfectly matching your requirement.

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Built to last

Our buses are built for Africa. We have smaller buses for local transport, larger city buses and interregional buses that can cover longer distances in comfort.

Next to standard Diesel power, we can also supply CNG-powered buses for city use which are less pollutant.

Local Assembly

When the number of buses required is large enough, we can establish a local assembly plant. This can be a great addition for local economies, creating hundreds of jobs while improving public transport at the same time.

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Special buses

Airports require a low floor, large capacity apron buses that we deliver in any size required. 

Please tell us your special wishes so we can provide a tailor-made solution.

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