Local Production

Jampur Group develops a diversified portfolio of projects, spanning from energy, infrastructure, agriculture processing, and equipment assembly projects.


We are committed to developing local production facilities to reduce the dependence on imports and grow local economies.



Jampur Group is active in a wide range of industries.

Our projects include the production of Lube Oil, Vegetable Oil, Charcoal Briquettes, and fertilizers. Products are distributed and sold in the country and exported to create valuable hard currency for the country.


Throughout Africa, we have specialized facilities to assemble well-known brands of tractors, transformers, buses and trucks. 

With strategic local partnerships, we guarantee the best quality products at the lowest possible cost. This significantly reduces high cost of importation and reduces the outflow of foreign currency.


Food processing

Jampur Group buys local produce and processes it into edible goods. 

Rather than exporting raw materials and importing finished products, Jampur Group provides a more economical solution. We construct and operate food processing plants that serve domestic consumption with local production. This grows local business, as well as cuts down on costs for consumers.